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Wednesday  Morning Coffee and Support

with Amy and Friends RESUMES

Wednesday December 7 2022

10am - Noon (latest) Pacific time

ITS BEEN AWHILE since we met during our MONTHLY (at least) ZOOM support group calls!

Sometimes the calls are classes, sometimes guest speakers. Most are parent discussion and support.

But they always bring us together, out of any isolation we may be experiencing as a parent of a child with PANDAS/PANS,  in this crazy world.

Please make the extra effort to untangle yourself from whatever you may be needing to do, and just show up, even for 30 minutes. I PROMISE you will be SO GLAD you did.

Its a chance to be seen as a person, listened to with respect from others who have walked something similar to your path, feel the relief of having a community of support around you, and have a chance to give back to the journey of others by just being there for them.  You don't really have to say a word.

I for one felt frankly invisible from alot of the world for a long time.  We are just not meant to function alone.  We have so much shared wisdom and collective heart.

If you can use your camera its highly preferable.  Seeing the faces of others helps us just feel closer and more human together, than seeing than a bunch of names in the black squares of the Zoom screen.

Please join us!!

Its best to RSVP to Robin ahead of time in case I feel the need to be organized about it, but really whoever shows just shows. Even for 10 minutes if that's what you have.

(ps. bring your own coffee...)

Girl Drinking Coffee To Go



TBA by Dec 1

We will be meeting at least monthly

 Please check back

We Can Do This Together

Amy Joy Fishman Smith

Nurse Practitioner