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September 9

Randy Weled, MFT: Brainspotting as a Way to Heal Limbic System Trauma

Many of you have heard me talk about brainspotting and some of you were on the call when Drs Kim and Hilary joined us on a Wednesday morning support group.  A number of kiddos and parents are doing brainspotting as a somatic (body-based) trauma therapy.  My son is very clear that he is as free as he is due the work he's done in brainspotting, re-wiring his nervous system after it got messed up with PANDAS inflammation and mis-directed thoughts over all those years, not to mention the trauma.

Well, Randy is Lance's therapist, and mine, currently. He has worked with a number of children and teens with PANDAS/PANS, as well as some parents, and is happy to talk with us about Brainspotting, and trauma, and the limbic system, and brain inflammation and how it all ties together from his perspective.

Randy works from an immense well of compassion.  He is based out of San Francisco, and like Dr. Kim and Dr Hil in the San Diego area, does Brainspotting and other therapy through Zoom. I can vouch this is effective.  Well, telemedicine is the way of the world these days, and it's actually to our benefit this is so.  Randy will file insurance for you, and accepts assignment, so you may only need to pay your copay depending on your benefits (which for my kid is 1/2 the appt charge) . 

Join us for an extremely informative discussion!!

Wednesday  Morning Coffee with

Amy and Friends, 10-11:15am

Please Join us any time for our almost-weekly ZOOM support group calls!

Sometimes the calls are classes, sometimes guest speakers, most parent discussion and support.

But they always bring us together, out of any isolation we may be experiencing as a parent of a child with PANDAS/PANS,  in this crazy Covid world.

We are honored to welcome two special guests in September (see below)!


Both guests approach the notion of Neuroplasticity from different directions.  Neuroplasticity is an important concept that relates to the brain's ability to change and reorganize itself throughout our lifetime, by forming new neural connections. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.  

(ps. bring your own coffee...)

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     September 16 

     Jenni Batalucco, MFT- Neuroptimal System

Neuroptimal and Brainspotting have underlying similarities in that they approach the impact of how the illness changes the 'wiring' of our children's brain while they are sick with neuroinflammatory illness such as PANDAS/PANS.

Neuroptimal is a neurofeedback system that you can do at home with your child.  You purchase or most often rent a system for a period of time and under the direction of someone who knows how to use it.  

Jenni is that person.  She has lived through having children with PANDAS/PANS.  Jenni has seen powerful recovery in her children using Neuroptimal and now coaches other parents through the process.  I know several children who have used this kind of neurofeedback system with success, including children with developmental issues. 

Given the paramount importance of some kind of brain retraining system as an integral component of PANDAS/PANS recovery, I encourage you to attend this interesting session! Everyone is different, there's no one right thing for everyone, but the information about why this kind of work can help our children will add to your greater understanding and recovery toolkit.

Neuroptimal is different from the kind of neurofeedback we do in our office, and many of you heard Dr. Ruelas talk about.  If you'd like to read up on it ahead of time so you're ready with your questions, please visit

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Book Club October 14:

Wired for Healing by

Annie Hopper

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