Mom's Sacred Healing Retreat


We are proud to announce....        


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This has been a very long time coming. But we feel certain that the world will be ready for us by October!!  

We will be adding an online series of events

leading up to in-person retreat.


.... a series of Zoom Gatherings to ground and connect and prepare and engage all of us ahead of time

for this exceptionally lovely, deep and personally healing opportunity.

Please check back for updated information and let Robin know

(email the office) to save your space in the retreat.

thank you

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Mom's Sacred Healing Retreat

Friday Oct 8 - Sunday Oct 10, 2021

San Diego, Hyatt Mission Bay

Limited room  scholarships are available - please ask

Every day, hour after hour, patient after patient, mom after mom, I am faced with the trauma our community endures. Some days are better, some are worse. We've learned to continue to adapt, lower our expectations and reach into some endless bucket of courage that keeps us going.  But we are often left in tatters, trying as hard as we can to stay connected to whatever good is left inside of our lives and marriages and families and relationships.


This is why I'm putting together a healing retreat for PANDAS/PANS parents, and this one will be for moms specifically. The event is being offered in service, it is not a money making venture, and the actual venue costs are being covered by generous sponsorships we have received on your behalf.  And hopefully more to come.


The purpose of the retreat is to provide a safe healing environment to support parents with emotional and soul recovery from the burden of living with a child(ren) with PANDAS/PANS/Lyme.  


My vision includes opportunities for self-recovery, sharing, reflection and hopefully, to remember, at least for a moment, what it feels like to live as a free woman and remember how strong and whole and amazing and inwardly joyful you STILL are. To put faces and living people to our Facebook connections, creating real relationships and friendships that reduce the ongoing isolation. And to bring home a couple of new tools that may help in those moments of intensity, to take care of yourselves and your families and find a way to reconnect to goodness and joy.





The retreat begins on Friday at 5pm and concludes on Sunday at 3pm

(but you are welcome to come early and stay late and just enjoy the time)


The format will include a mix of unstructured time for socializing, resting or reflecting plus structured activity offerings with restorative and therapeutic value, as well as structured play :)  You are of course free to choose whatever you want to do at any given period of time at this wonderful hotel, although we hope you'll participate in the retreat offerings.

Some of the work of the retreat will be in large and small group sharing, meditation, breath work, yoga, exploring the enneagram, and other somatic modalities that may encourage release of tension, enhance inner awareness and self compassion, and hopefully some cellular and spiritual recovery through just plain fun and relaxation and comraderie.


The weekend will be facilitated by Drs Kim Ward and Hilary Stokes.  They are deeply familiar with PANDAS/PANS and experienced in a multitude of psych and somatic and trauma integrative healing work. They are humble and lovely. I have known them for half my life. Here is their website if you're interested in knowing more about them: 


I have tremendous confidence this will be an excellent event that will fulfill its vision.


There is no charge for any of the event activities, aside from getting yourselves there and covering your personal expenses for staying at the hotel. We are BLESSED to have sponsors (more info below).

We have a room block (info below) that includes a reduced rate for all rooms (single or double) prior to the cutoff date, and as close to the weekend as they still have rooms available in the hotel.

Also included are:

Friday Evening Reception

Lunch on Saturday

Brunch on Sunday

And hopefully more depending on further sponsorships.

In the hotel, many activities are included in your room rate, including several pools and beautiful spaces to just hang out, kayaks and paddleboards, yoga, many indoor and outdoor activities, a beach and marina, and we get a 20% discount on any spa services. More info on the hotel below.


Hyatt Mission Bay

1441 Quivira Road, San Diego, California, United States, 92109

Rooms are $179 plus $10 resort fee per night, per room.  This is a big markdown from their normal rate.  The double rooms are large enough to share easily and if you'd like to share a room with someone and you don't know who that someone will be, we will collect names of others who wish to share a room and connect the two of you.  A 3-way share is possible with an additional $35 only if you need an extra cot.

We have a soft cut-off date for our room block of Sept 10.  They are aware that a number of moms who want to go may not even know whether their child is stable enough to leave them until closer to the weekend, so they will continue to honor our rate up to the event, as long as rooms are available. 

if s

   Please click on the link below to make your reservation (rate / availability guaranteed through Sept 10)




from the airport its a quick Uber ride.


I'll be there on Thursday night getting things ready.

I hope some of you can make it early.

I'm staying till Monday, just to play.


Please send an email to my office with RETREAT in the subject line.

Include your name, address, contact information

Include any special needs / requests / do you need a roommate etc

Once you register, please make a room reservation as soon as possible.

Tell everyone in your life that you are going to the retreat. Tell them NOW. Plan ahead. Put it on your      calendar.  There are always things that will come up to do and go to for your children and family.            

There is ONLY ONE RETREAT. YOU NEED AND DESERVE THIS TIME.  Everyone you know will benefit.        

I'm sorry but we need to limit this retreat to 35-40 people. 

* * *SPONSORS* * *

This event would NOT be possible without the generous support of our community of SPONSORS


Platinum Sponsor

PANDAS Network










Golden Sponsors

Dr. Suzanne Gazda 

Beyond Balance 

IV League Infusion Services

River's Edge Specialty Pharmacy



Silver Sponsors 

William Burns, Grandfather to a PANDAS Warrior

Tim Sorel in honor of Aspire

Doctor's Data

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy

We are still looking for sponsors

If you know anyone, ask me for a sponsor letter.

Sponsorships reduce the costs of participation and allow for room scholarships

and more group meals / snacks etc = less out of pocket

so more moms can make it

Amy Joy Fishman Smith

Nurse Practitioner



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