We are excited to offer you 2 very special and empowering classes this fall, and more to come!

Classes are free of charge and for Amy's patients only

Space will be limited to ensure participants have enough time to ask questions.

Please RSVP to Robin via office email.

Your space is precious - don't sign up if you're not going to attend.


Saturday September 21

10-11am Pacific Time

Nutrition 101: Healthy Fats for Healthy Brains


 with Debbie Desimone, Certified   Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Debbie will host an important discussion around the many kinds of healthy fats and roles they play in our bodies and in supporting the healing process. She will talk about what fats to include in a healthy diet, what fats to avoid, and ways to incorporate good fats into our kids' diets (including a few recipes to try). 

I specifically asked Debbie to teach this class, because our brains and cell membranes are made mostly of fats, and certain kinds of fats. Many of the toxins in our world are dissolved in fats, or can cause oxidative damage to the fats and thereby, the fatty structures.

Please consider attending this important class.

                                       Debbie Desimone is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of High Desert Nutritional Therapy, LLC in White Rock, NM. Her background in Early Childhood Education informs her nutritional work with young children and families. Debbie has a special passion and interest in supporting families struggling with the “new epidemics” of childhood such as allergies and sensitivities, ADHD, Autism, PANDAS / PANS, and other challenges. Debbie emphasizes a whole food diet focusing on digestion and microbiome support, reducing inflammation, the connection between gut health and mental health, healthy fats for the developing body and brain, and healthy protein and carbohydrate intake.

Read more about Debbie's work at

  Wednesday October 16

  10am-11am Pacific Tim

What is Brainspotting and Why does Amy Keep Telling Me to Do It?

With Dr. Kim Ward & Dr. Hilary Stokes

Dr. Kim and Dr. Hil are my closest and dearest lifelong trusted friends.  They are brilliant somatic therapists and trained at the highest level of Brainspotting.

In PANDAS/PANS recovery we talk alot about brain healing. Some of that is of course, chemical. But we also talk about 'repatterning' - rewiring or untangling the neuron connections that were established during the time your child was inflamed and not thinking properly. This type of work can help your child become free of the patterns of circular thoughts or loops, which may have become a brain habit reinforced by repetition over time.

Brainspotting is a powerful technique that can reset the nervous system and restore much needing healing on multiple levels.



Dr. Kim and Dr. Hil have been a team for over two decades, having met while working in an organization committed to global consciousness. They have studied and experienced the gamut of mind body therapies. Together they have over 20 certifications in holistic modalities including biofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming, Tibetan Buddhism psychology, hypnosis, energy psychology, coaching, visualization and meditation. Upon realizing their like-minded paths, they founded Authenticity Associates, a coaching and counseling practice, that brings the synergistic power of mind, body and spirit to individuals and couples. 

Read about their work at 

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