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Practitioner Training

With approximately one in every 200 children (NIMH, 2015)  meeting the criteria for PANDAS/PANS, we really need all clinical hands on deck. 


The combination of sheer complexity and confusing diagnostic algorithms has made it difficult for many providers to gain skills and confidence in their ability to recognize, diagnose and successfully treat these children.  As a result, many go undiagnosed and untreated for years while their life and family structure break down.

With this in my mind and my heart - and the fact I have a waiting list of over a year to get into my practice - I want to share everything I have learned about PANDAS and PANS with like-minded clinicians.

If you are an integrative medical practitioner, much of what you're already doing could work better if you simply tweak it for the nuances of this population.  

Treating Children with PANDAS and PANS

My vision for sharing this information with you is in the form of a series of ZOOM webinars or modules that will be recorded and available for those who cannot be there or wish to learn into the future.

The first module is the longest since it covers the history of PANDAS/PANS, foundational information and research, and basic clinical pearls and context.

It will be followed by a series of shorter modules, based upon my 7 Treatment Principles.

I.  Identify and treat or remove the infectious or immune trigger

2. Reduce Inflammation

3. Consider immune modulatory therapies

4. Reduce Symptoms

5. Improve Overall Health

6. Support the Famjly

7. Recovery


MODULE 1:  Treating Children with PANDAS and PANS- Foundations


10 am - 12:30pm Pacific Time

There is No Charge for this webinar


Simply click on the link below to fill out the registration form:

Registration Module 1

You will receive the ZOOM link the day before the webinar and again the morning of the webinar.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Robin our practice manager at or call my office 714-782-0042 

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting this very underserved population of sick kiddos.

Amy Joy Fishman Smith

Nurse Practitioner

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