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If your child has PANDAS/PANS, you have probably realized by now that getting quality medical care for him or her can be extremely challenging. To date, few providers understand the complexities of this condition, and fewer still are equipped with the staff and resources to treat PANDAS children. As the parent of a child with PANDAS, much of the burden of getting care, unfortunately, falls on you today. Your best course of action is to:


  1. Learn as much as possible about PANDAS and PANS.

  2. Seek qualified care from professionals who understand this condition and are equipped to provide the best possible care.

  3. Advocate proactively so the medical establishment and insurance providers recognize, treat, and provide coverage for PANDAS children.


           PANDAS/PANS Care for Your Child

Call for information or appointment  714-782-0042

About our practice

We offer progressive integrative medical care without skepticism or limits imposed by most insurance companies or standard treatment protocols. We pride ourselves in our medical detective work and in the skillful, often novel application of therapies that blend the best of modern medical treatments with complementary approaches.


  • Assessment testing to determine whether your child has been exposed to strep (and other pathogens) and if they are producing autoantibodies.

  • Immune system evaluation, including testing for any co-infections that might be present and weakening your child’s immune capacity.

  • We work hard to find lower-cost cash-pay IVIG whenever possible, to help make treatments affordable for your family.

  • Qualified and trusted referrals, if applicable, to other providers, such as neuro-psych, cognitive behavioral therapy, neurofeedback, family / marital counseling,  pediatric neurology, or immunology.



Amy Joy Fishman Smith

Nurse Practitioner

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